The Drug and Alcohol regulations enforced by DOT have an important objective; to prevent accidents, injury, and death caused by drivers who are impaired due to the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also included is the high cost to employers due to the increase of insurance premiums which already run into the thousands of dollars. As a professional trucking company, whether you operate one truck or one hundred trucks, it is important for you to understand the rules and regulations that apply to your company.

If you are a owner, dispatcher, safety director or manager, your role is to determine if reasonable suspicion exists. Therefore, you must be knowledgeable about the effects that drugs and alcohol has on a persons body and be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse.

The regulations state that you must receive one hour of drug and one hour of alcohol training and the certificate certifying your training must be kept on the premises at all times. This training is required just one time with no recertification in the future.







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