Any company that employees CDL drivers is required to have every driver in a drug and alcohol consortium whether part time or full time. The regulation states that each driver name is to be in the pool and is subject to selection each quarter no matter how many times they may have already been selected. This also includes anyone who is the sole owner and operator of a commercial motor vehicle. Companies are subject to heavy penalties for every CDL driver NOT in a drug and alcohol consortium. Penalties also apply if a driver is chosen but failed to complete the test in the quarterly time frame.

Our consortium currently has over 1275 drivers and we provide quarterly drug and alcohol selections as required by DOT. That requirement is 25% of the entire pool are to be drug tested each year and 10% tested for alcohol. To date we have an exceptional compliance record.

Should you join our consortium there are several items that must be returned to us in order to calculate the correct number of tests that have been completed. You are required to submit these to us as well as maintain these records yourself for: 1 year for all negative results and 5 for positive results. You will be provided with a binder to help you keep these records. Also provided to you are quarterly summaries, a newsletter to keep you informed of recent DOT changes or requirements and an end of year report.

In addition to the consortium, we also provide monthly reminders of expiration for each driver for the following items:
Annual Driving Record Renewal
CDL Renewal (and HME if required)
HM126F Certification (applies only if driver is hauling hazardous materials)
DOT Physical renewal

We have found this additional service to our program exceptionally helpful to each company in order to keep from being fined by auditors or DPS officers.

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